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Embukia at Takimoto Sensei Seminar

Well last weekend I attended my third Seminar with Takimoto Sensei, This year we were asked to perform an embukai at the end of the seminar, along with other visiting clubs. to say I was nervous would be a bit of an understatement as this was the first time I had been asked to do something like this. I was particularly nervous because the uke's I had asked to do the demonstration with me all dropped out through one reason or another, within a week of the demo. I then had to ask some less experienced and less flexible students to step in to help. I needn't have worried these guys stepped up to the plate and performed brilliantly. I was incredibly proud of my students and in reality this proved to be a truer reflection of our real Aikido style as it was all adlib without any practice, we just did what we knew our normal class stuff. I would have had a video to show but the chap i asked to video it for us had an equipment malfunction and i got a fantastic video of his feet. oh how we laughed when we discovered this error. There is another in existence so when i track it down we can take a look.

This month we also moved into our new venue in Torquay, it is such a luxury to have permanent mats and not have to put them down and take up again after training. I guess I'll have to do proper warm ups and cool downs now that i cant use that as an excuse.

we are in the middle of gradings and several have been done so far. I will make another post to let you know the results.

next weekend we are attending a seminar in WSM with Larbi El Akel Sensie, another fantastic generous Aikido, more on that next week.

#Embukai #Aikido #Takimoto

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