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Bokken Practice Torquay

Tuesday & Thursday

We recommend beginners attend  classes on Thursday

Welcome to Torbay Aikido.

We are pleased to welcome you to our Aikido community.

Aikido is an inexhaustible source of wonder and enjoyment, but the practice may be very different from anything you have ever done before. The only way to understand Aikido is through physical practice.


AIKIDO is a modern Japanese martial art especially suited to the needs of today. It is a non-violent form of self-defense and a discipline of mind/body awareness. Aikido defense techniques consist primarily of joint locks and throws and are based on receiving the attacker with compassion and going along with the power of the attack to defeat aggression. Aikido is not a tool for “winning.” There are no matches or competitions. Its smooth, circular, and flowing techniques use body movement and inner energy rather than requiring great muscular power and speed. Aikido can be practiced and enjoyed by anyone regardless of age, size or strength. Aikido is an enjoyable learning adventure carried out in a mutually supportive atmosphere. Because students move and learn at their own pace, Aikido is an effective form of exercise and relaxation that people can continue for their whole life.

Aikido offers a practical and effective form of self-defense that aims at protecting yourself without hurting another human being. The goal of Aikido is to learn to move and live in a state of power, gentleness, freedom, and harmony.


Aikido is

• Non-violent self-defense

• Non-competitive movement practice

• Compassionate conflict resolution

• Mind/body awareness and integration

• Relaxation and good exercise

• Beautiful flowing movement

• Fun


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