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Comments and Testimonials



  • I've never done any martial arts before so I am a complete beginner practicing amongst students of higher abilities. I've thoroughly enjoyed the lessons and the teacher is outstanding; very clear in his explanations, demonstrations and expectations, very kind and thoughtful, caring and considerate. The other students are exceptionally helpful and I am made to feel extremely welcome. I enjoy practicing the form and look forward to improving it, but what's even better is that I have noticed a significant positive energy flow during and after the practice. That's especially surprising because as a complete novice, I am a little out of my comfort zone. Aikido is a good physical workout, a good exercise for focus, concentration and awareness and seems to promote a sense of least that's what I've discovered/experienced so far! This is definitely a great place to learn and practice and I couldn't recommend it highly enough to anyone interested in Aikido or martial arts. Great practice space, excellent teacher and an excellent group of people.

Gareth Despres-

  • I’ve always wanted to learn a martial art and Aikido seemed to be the one that would suit me the most since the philosophy behind is very interesting and it is not about how strong you are (I’m somewhat of a tiny-framed girl) but more technique-based and calmness of the mind. So I enrolled in Ray’s 6-week ‘introductory course’ in October 2011, thinking ‘if I don’t like it, I can still drop out’. The truth is I loved it, I joined the club after that and met loads of really nice friendly people. I love going every week and practice with the gang, it keeps my fitness levels up, and the lessons are always fun-filled and different, covering all aspects of this martial art, both weapons and empty-handed techniques. I never thought I would be able to do it, but Ray proved me wrong! :0)' Lola 

Lola Berthod - 



  • I have wanted to do martial arts since my teens but never had the confidence to join, I later had my family and felt to old and out of shape to join. But I was encouraged by my partner to join up and give it a go. I had a great first session  and looked forward to more, That was the best decision I ever made. I found the club very warm and welcoming and fast became hooked. Since joining I have been gaining fitness and my confidence has improved greatly, not to mention the fab friends I've made! I would recommend aikido and this club to anyone and look forward to many happy years as a student here.  Vanessa.

Vanessa Bayley -

  • Very patient instructors and an excellent community spirit within the club. Ray is so clearly passionate about teaching martial arts that you know you're in good hands! Any nervousness about attending will soon be replaced by anticipation for your next class.

Lee Garner -

  • These Aikido classes are a fantastic means of self development and training each session is challenging in a different way, but amazingly I always leave feeling better and more energized  than when I arrived. The energy and satisfaction I get from here is sublime. Moreover I have found Aikido to be a comprehensive and subtle system, and practicing it has been rewarding for me as a person. 

Jobie Sheppard -


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